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On-site management

On-site management

This service is intended for companies with a high requirement for temporary agency workers with the same or similar qualifications. If this applies to you, then this service from persontura PERSONAL is suitable for you in many respects.

Our on-site employee supports your business in a cost-neutral manner as an outsourced HR department, and is responsible for temporary work and employee recruitment. As Master Vendor, we take care of all tasks that arise in this context.

From staff procurement to administrative activities and the monitoring of all of the temporary work agencies active within your company, as well as standardised accounting, we serve you as a sole contact partner.

persontura can draw on more than 20 years of experience in temporary employment and even makes sure that co-suppliers treat and pay their employees fairly, in accordance with the wage agreement.

As an outsourced HR department, we support you on-site at your business premises.

Many service providers, but just one contact partner!

Your contact partner next door?

The presence of our employees within your company enables short paths and optimal link-up with your HR office. We are aware of your requirements and support you right from the planning phase, in the run-up to a specific recruitment drive.

The advantages at a glance

In addition to the fact that the presence of our on-site manager means that short service paths can become a reality, the setting up of a suitable temporary employment agency offers you a series of tangible benefits:

If you entrust us with your staff search you minimise advertisement costs, the cost of applicant management and the processing of the job interviews.

Trustworthy employee support on your behalf and competent and effective temporary work coordination. Thus we form an interface between management staff and temporary workers that is accessible at all times.

Create synergies and reduce costs. Our on-site office minimises the administrative costs of your HR office for the sustainable handling of HR services. In order to optimise processes, we also look at the details, implement digital time recording systems (among other systems) or ensure integration into your existing system.

Trust and integrity – these are the guiding principles of “good temporary employment”

If temporary employment agencies do not operate correctly, the criticism from the media, the public and clients is generally directed towards the client’s business. persontura PERSONAL is a member of the iGZ and has subscribed to the iGZ Code of Ethics.

As the responsible party at the on-site office, we only accept other HR service providers as co-partners provided they operate and work in accordance with similar views. This way we ensure that your external employees are treated and paid fairly.


iGZ Code of Ethics (PDF – 0,5 MB)