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Temporary work / personnel leasing

Temporary work / personnel leasing

Temporary work is the fastest growing form of employment in Germany. In every region of Germany there are companies, businesses and offices that cannot cope with sudden peaks in workload due to a lack of employees. As a result of illness, accidents, short-term holidays or other unforeseen circumstances, workers drop out or project work turns out to be more extensive than planned. The increasing lack of specialist workers is also causing headaches for more and more companies.

We can help and support you

Our qualified employees are always available when you need them. As such, you always have quick and flexible access to expert staff, even in the event of cyclical fluctuations and short or long-term staff shortages.

Cost and time savings

You save a great deal of time and money in the search for suitable employees, as extensive job advertisements and lengthy application processes can be dispensed with and you only have to conduct interviews with a small number of applicants. We take care of the pre-selection of suitable applicants. While you focus on your clients and processes, we channel our efforts towards staff management, continually monitoring the market and being active on your behalf in those places where suitable candidates are to be found. We recruit suitable employees for you, both domestically and abroad.

Security for you and the employees, as a result of the iGZ wage agreement

persontura is a member of the German Association of Temporary Work Agencies (Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V., iGZ). All employment contracts with our employees are concluded in accordance with the iGZ wage agreement, which regulates the salary and framework conditions for those employed on a temporary basis. Our employees generally receive extra pay over and above the collective wage agreement.

And this agreement offers yet another advantage: persontura still remains the employer and assumes all of the corresponding obligations.